Shouldism and Slavery

There is no political solution to what we are experiencing. There is a solution but its not political. I am going to tell you what it is.

Yes, in one limited sense, we have an election related, constitutional problem that needs attention. Hopefully, this is going to get address shortly by the United States Supreme Court.

But the larger issue, the real problem, is of a whole different nature. The bigger problem is nature. Human nature.

Let me share a personal story to make the point crystal clear.

At age 24, I tried to commit suicide. I came very close to succeeding, nearly dying in the emergency room. After I survived the attempt, I began to look at how I had been living my life. I was alternately depressed and anxious for as far back as I could remember. So, I spent a long time figuring out why that was the case. The breakthrough came when I realized I had been living a life of “shoulds.” The daughter I should be, the sister I should be, the student I should be, the friend I should be. All those shoulds were defined not by me but by others. I allowed others, family, friends, and society to define for me how I was to think and act. What was permissible and what was not. What was valuable and what was not. I decided to give up the shoulds and live a life defined by who I thought I was and what I wanted to be.

Decades later, I can tell you this. When someone tries to commit suicide, they don’t really want to die, they have just given up hope that things will change. When you think your condition cannot change, or you give up trying to change it, you lose the reason to live. Hope is the glue that keeps us together in times of uncertainty and chaos.

I became a lawyer. I say the word lawyer, and wear that title, with pride. Becoming a lawyer is a socially acceptable, ever admirable, achievement. I am also intuitive. The commonly used word for it is psychic. I am a psychic by birth and the grace of God. Being a psychic is neither socially acceptable nor is admirable.

It is often just the opposite. Admitting that you are psychic can make you the object of ridicule and disrespect. It can put you outside the mainstream of thought.

Therefore, throughout most of my life, while I have readily offered up the fact that I am a lawyer, I have reluctantly revealed that I am psychic. I have even been cautioned by people along the way to keep this fact to myself lest I damage or diminish my credibility as a lawyer.

My legal training combined with my psychic abilities provide me with extraordinary problem solving and insight skills. Yet saying you are a psychic is something you should not do. Which is precisely why I say it here, loud and clear, because towing the line of that externally generated should still holds me back.

That is my story.

Now let me answer the larger question. What is the solution to what we are experiencing, even suffering, as a nation, a culture, and a society?

The answer to the chaos is to throw off the shoulds.

The shoulds of today are the cancel culture, the politically correct, the us or them division, the social media-dictated think, all of which have been externally established and are externally maintained only because we comply by living within the boundaries of those shoulds.

Certainly, I have compassion for anyone who has lost someone this past year to the Corona virus. To anyone who has lost someone for any reason. But physical illness is not the pandemic. Shouldism is the pandemic. And it is killing us. Literally.

When you look back at human history, it has always been the individual, the people who have stepped out of the Shouldisms of their time to speak truth to power, who changed the trajectory of human consciousness for the better. They decided what was true for them, what was their personal experience, and had the courage to follow that truth wherever it led them. Moses. Jesus. Joan of Arc. The Pilgrims. Gandhi. Dr King.

So, who are we, who are you, without the shoulds?

Our nature is Peace. Our nature is also Oneness. Mistakenly, in order to get along we often go along. But accommodating and acquiescing to group think only leads to death by a thousand cuts.

You must now take the mantle of the human nature that is given you, and like the lawyer combined with the psychic, stand proud for who you are as an individual, not mimic the shoulds of the collective.

You are Peace and Oneness.

The purveyors of Shouldism are telling you that the solution which leads to harmony and oneness, the solution to end the chaos, is socialism. But remember, we do not have a political problem. We have a human nature problem. Neither politics nor government can solve the problem precisely because they are external and are, also, two of the thousand cuts that are killing us.

Depression, anxiety, night terrors, illness, and suicide rates are skyrocketing. The solution to all this confusion, fear and suffering is internal. The solution is of the heart. The solution is to summon the courage to throw off the chains of slavery with which Shouldism shackles us. To shout at the top of our lungs, and express in every action we take, the following:

I am an individual and so are you.

I am complex and made of many ideas, and so are you.

I am born to live and express these ideas and so are you, yours.

I am committed to non-judgement of myself and allowing of you.

My higher nature is Peace and I live it through my intention.

My higher nature is Oneness and I live it through my thoughts and actions.

This day I declare my emancipation from Shouldism.

I am the living example of Individualism.

No one stops me from being that.

No one can make me less than that.

My pledge is to not stop you either.

Politics is division.

Shouldism is bondage.

Shouldism destroys hope.

Hope is in your heart.

Freedom lives within you.

Your rights, your birthrights, are Peace and Oneness.

This is who you really are. Peace and Oneness.

Vaccinate against Shouldism.

You were born unique.

You were born free.

Live your own truth.

Start now.

This is the solution.



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Carole Goldstein

Carole Goldstein


Lawyer, Psychic, Social Commentator, Mother and seeker of truth…not necessarily in that order.