Jeffrey Epstein & Friends Wither in the Light of Day

  1. Epstein quit college but at age 20 was made a math professor at an exclusive private boys’ school, Dalton, by none other than the father of our current Attorney General, William Barr.
  2. Epstein has spent a life somehow socially connected to, and in business, with some very wealthy people (Steven J. Hoffenberg, a onetime owner of The New York Post and a notorious fraudster later convicted of running a $460 million Ponzi scheme, and Leslie H. Wexner, the billionaire founder of retail chains including The Limited and the chief executive of the company that owns Victoria’s Secret) and top tier financial institutions such as Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs.
  3. Epstein’s personal island, Little St. James Island in the Virgin Islands, was known as “Pedophile Island” and his private plane on which he transported the rich and famous as well as underage girls was named “The Lolita Express.”
  4. Epstein has enough powerful connections to avoid prosecution in Florida in 2008 and receive a paltry 13 months of work release in a plea deal before investigation of the alleged child sex crimes was completed, protected his co-conspirators and was kept secret from the Plaintiffs. The deal was approved by the then U.S. Attorney for Southern Florida, now current Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta.
  5. Secretary Acosta recently refused to confirm or deny that Epstein is an intelligence asset working for either the U.S. or some other country.
  6. Days after Epstein’s recent arrest, a Twitter account linking him to several famous individuals was edited to remove all the names except for Donald Trump.



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Carole Goldstein

Carole Goldstein

Lawyer, Psychic, Social Commentator, Mother and seeker of truth…not necessarily in that order.